Become an Eco Explorer. Enjoy nature close to home!

Each spring, our Eco Explorers field trips provide unique outings to nearby natural areas focused on iconic species and their native ecosystems. Grades 1-5 classrooms spend most of a day visiting sites such as Willamette Mission State Park and North Santiam State Park to study wildlife, including beavers, ospreys, and acorn woodpeckers - and their habitats.

The students also conduct macroinvertebrate studies, test water quality, and calculate the ages of native broadleaf trees.


Who is eligible:  Grades 1-5 classrooms and homeschool groups

What SEC provides: All standards-based environmental studies curriculum planning and instruction plus snacks during break times.

Curriculum:  Our outdoor school curricula revolves around innovative STEAM practices, which include scientific inquiry, community partnerships and applied learning.

Our approach:  Each Eco Explorer session serves one classroom at a time for day field trips. We work on a small scale so we can keep the student-to-instructor ratio low and ensure that the learning experience is of the highest quality for the students.

Where: Local parks in the Willamette Valley including Willamette Mission State Park, North Santiam State Park and more.

Cost: $25 /student with a minimum of 30 students per class. Select need-based tuition scholarships are available.

Contact us for inquiries or more information.